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Creative Projects

Creativity has always been the driving force of Jennifer's life.

Below are some current and past projects. 


Originally, painting was a means to unplug from an always-connected, digital life. But, soon, it evolved into a passion.

A self-taught abstract artist, Jennifer experiments with drip, scrape and layered techniques to create depth in her paintings. Her aim is to infuse mood and movement in every piece and to create rich layers that pull the viewer into the experience.

Jennifer Jones-Mitchell Voiceover_edited_edited_edited.jpg


Jennifer lends her talents to brands as a voiceover artist. She delivers experienced, quality voiceover services for:


  • radio, audiobooks and podcasts

  • promotional and commercial 

  • telephony and IVR narration

  • character voice acting for animation and gaming.

Jennifer Jones-Mitchell Voiceover_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Cooking Ingredients_edited.jpg

No Longer Diabetic


Jennifer hosts a podcast and creates videos and articles featuring the recipes and healthy living tips that helped her reverse a Type-2 Diabetes diagnosis. She is available for speaking engagements to share her story.  

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In the 2010's, Jennifer wrote and performed stand up comedy in clubs around the Southeast, U.S. 

She is currently developing some new material, so stay tuned!

Previous appearances: The Punchline, Laughing Skull, Village Theater, Uptown Comedy Corner, The Comedy Zone, The Comedy House, Alchemy Comedy, The Comedy Bar, LOL Nashville, The East Room, and the Laugh and Lounge.

Jennifer Jones-Mitchell Stand Up Comedy_edited.jpg
Delgo Movie.jpg


In the mid-2000s, Jennifer co-wrote and co-produced the animated feature film, Delgo. She also cast the film and secure ancillary deals, including toys and books. 


The story featured two opposing races; one is winged and rules the skies, the other has magical powers connected to the land. The two peoples were at war for generations and are united by an unlikely band of heroes. 

The movie featured the voices of Anne Bancroft, Val Kilmer, Freddie Prinze, Jr., Jennifer Love Hewitt, Malcolm McDowell, Michael Clarke Duncan, Louis Gossett, Jr., Burt Reynolds, Eric Idle and more.


It was released in theaters in December, 2008.

"Although the film was not a box office success, I am proud of our work, especially considering we were all first-time filmmakers." - Jennifer Jones-Mitchell


You can find Delgo on most streaming services today. 

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