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More case studies in additional business categories are available upon request


Husqvarna Outdoor GTM Event

Go-to-Market Product Launch Event to Drive Purchase & New Category Leadership 


Husqvarna wanted to lead the transition for commercial and consumer landscapers from gas-powered lawn and forestry equipment to robotics and battery-powered tools, which required demonstrating the professional power of battery products as well as the industry benefits and customer demand.



Because there was a perception that battery products are not as powerful as gas-powered tools, My team and I developed an event to enable targeted media, retailers and house & home influencers (B2B and B2C) to try the battery and robotics products.


We invited a commercial landscaper who previously transitioned his entire fleet to battery and robotics to share how these new tools made him more profitable.


Prior to the event, a survey of consumers across North America revealed consumers would pay more for landscapers who use battery products. We presented this and other statistics to demonstrate demand. 

The event was followed by strategic and ongoing media relations in targeted CLG trade, technology and green industry outlets as well as influencers and ambassador content.


  • More than doubled the expected sales; back-orders were arranged to meet the demand. 

  • 855 million media impressions and more than 20 million social media impressions.

  • The brand was firmly established the company as the category leader in battery and robotics.

True Influence Omnichannel Marketing

Virtual Events, Email Marketing, Social Media and Content Campaigns to Drive Brand Awareness and Lead Generation


The data and SaaS solutions company, True Influence wanted to elevate their thought leadership position, increase their social following and drive lead generation to fill their pipeline among B2B marketing, sales and data executives. The end goal was to position the company for a high-value acquisition. 


My team and I developed a demand generation program to help the company to collect new prospect emails to fill their pipeline. We nurtured the leads through customized content, including monthly whitepapers, daily blogs, weekly webcasts and quarterly events. We transformed LinkedIn into a content engine, hyper-targeting key prospects.

Faced with the ongoing pandemic, my team and I had to capture customer attention in Zoom-weary world. So, we leveraged an interactive virtual event space. 

We presented customer case studies from Honeywell and Salesforce, prepping each speaker with specific outcome talking points. We invited industry leaders such as Brian Solis to join a panel with senior executives from ViacomCBS and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and tech giants, Microsoft & IBM.

We commissioned and presented an exclusive Forrester report on the B2B buyer and created panels with industry leaders to discuss the B2B Buyer trends. 


Finally, we partnered with celebrity keynotes, Howie Mandel and Jay Leno to fill out the agenda. 


  • The virtual events surpassed the original registration goal of 1,000 with more than 3,500 attendees. 

  • Content marketing and social media campaigns resulted in a 200% increase in social media followers with an 85% engagement rate. LinkedIn awarded True Influence The Most Active Brand on LinkedIn. 

  • Email nurturing campaigns saw a consistent open rate above 75%.

  • Paid Search (PPC) and SEO/SEM campaigns increased website traffic by more than 45%.

  • All marketing activities directly drove more than $2M in new revenue in just six months.  

Howie Mandel Summit_edited.jpg

Kimberly-Clark B2B Customer Segmentation, Content + Workflow Improvement

Customer Segmentation, Messaging and Content Marketing Strategy + Process Improvement


Kimberly-Clark Professional ​wanted to better understand customer concerns in key markets across North America, Latin America, APAC, Australia, Germany and the UK.


They needed to develop messaging for each customer and a content marketing approach that improved efficiencies across all regions. 


As a consultant, I conducted customer and market research to to identify the specific concerns of each B2B Buyer in each region. For example, in the UK, the customers were concerned about changing regulations around sustainability; whereas in Latin America, B2B buyers were focused on the impact of sustainability practices. 


Developed ten customer segments by region, and created brand messaging to help KCP connect with each buyer, addressing their specific concerns. 


Developed a comprehensive content marketing process and workflow process, establishing guidelines and training content for the global sales teams. The process ensured content was repurposed as needed with changing messaging to prevent the sales and marketing teams from creating new content for each interaction.


The total customer segments, messaging and sales enablement/content marketing workflow process delivered a 140%+ return on investment for the brand. 

Union Savings Bank Thought Leadership

Content (Blog) Development and Email Marketing


Establish thought leadership and drive new customer deposits for this progressive 23-branch Connecticut-based mutual bank while honoring USB’s 150-year history.



Create and promote content that shows target business customers how USB helps them compete and create a community-based approach to drive deposits.



  • Developed a business blog and an email marketing program that quickly exceeded target unique visitor and time-spent goals.

  • Email marketing program delivered a 21.8% open rate when distributed via newsletter and a 45% email open rate when delivered through targeted customer segmentation.

  • Secured thought leadership content in key financial service trade publications, including ABA Banking Journal and American Banker.

  • Generated consistent regional and local coverage for key bank community events as well as new-generation tools and services, such as geo-blocked credit cards and Future Track, USB's retirement planning bundle. 

  • More than 400M media impressions.

  • Drove a 28% increase in depositors within the first eight months of the program.

Union Savings Bank.jpg
Equifax white paper_edited.jpg

Equifax Automotive Thought Leadership

Whitepaper Development and Media Relations


Equifax wanted to demonstrate its category leadership in subprime automotive loans and drive new customers for its automotive dealer and F&I products. 


Convert Equifax's industry research into a white paper detailing the trends and forecasting for the subprime automotive market and promote the white paper through webinars, bylined articles and media coverage. 


A combined effort of content, including a white paper and bylined articles with proactive media pitching for Equifax Automotive delivered more than one million white paper downloads and 200 million media impressions.


Centauri Health Solutions Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation Resaerch and Brand Messaging


Centauri Health Solutions wanted to gain a new understanding of their target customers as the healthcare marketplace was changing dramatically due to several hospitals and health care facilities acquisitions. 


My team and I conducted customer research through surveys and direct interviews to develop new customer profiles based on a variety of factors ranging from the healthcare facility's size, specialities, risk assessments and projected outcomes. 


Customized brand messaging was developed to ensure Centauri could deliver personalization at scale across all customer segments. 



The brand reported an uptick in their lead-to-sales process with sales enablement programs designed to deliver personalized messaging across all targeted segments. 


Scott's Miracle-Gro Pivots During the Pandemic

Redirection of Paid Media Spend with New Product Bundles in Pandemic


As the pandemic lock down began, Scott's Miracle-Gro wanted to redirect their outdoor spend to online, doubling-down on their target customer of "Dads." 


Market research revealed that Moms were increasing making the purchase decision for outdoor home products. Using this data, I recommended that the client redirect some or all of the outdoor media budget to Moms instead of Dads. I emphasized that the kids would be home during the lock-downs as well, giving the brand an opportunity to reintroduce itself to the Mom customer with bundled products tied to family gardening projects.


After an initial pilot program with A/B testing proved successful, the client agreed to reallocate 85% of the outdoor budget, targeting moms through PPC, SEM/SEO,  programmatic, and traditional media and influencer relations.


Scott's Miracle-Gro saw a 400% increase in sales during the pandemic. And, post-pandemic, the numbers held, having successfully captured a new customer segment.    

Arby's Publicity Stunt

Public Relations


Arby's wanted to test ideas to drive more foot traffic to key locations around Atlanta. 


My team and I developed a publicity stunt playing off the brand's tagline of "I'm Thinking Arby's." 

We identified seven billboards around Atlanta that prominently featured a person'a face AND was situated near an Arby's location with visible signage near the billboard. During the evening rush hour, we affixed large helium balloons with the Arby's logo so they appeared as thought balloons above the billboard. 

We distributed photos of the billboard takeovers to target media and across social media, which was new at the time. 


  • 300 million media impressions, including QSR Magazine, BusinessWeek and The Ellen Degeneres Show, PRWeek and more.

  • tThashtag #Arby'sBillboard trended on Twitter.

  • Drivers called into local radio stations commenting on the stunt, with one on-air DJ describing his love of Jamocha Shakes for nearly three minutes of unpaid advertising. 

arbys billboard.jpeg
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