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Jennifer Jones-Mitchell discusses how Generative AI should be trained like an employee. 


Jennifer Jones-Mitchell on Marketing Leadership's Outlook on Generative aI Adoption.


A review of the top Generative AI tools every start-up and entrepreneur should use.

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A look at how Gen Z views and engages with artificial intelligence.


A review of the top generative AI tools every start-up and entrepreneur should use.

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An interview with Jennifer Jones-Mitchell on how brands and marketers should adopt Generative AI across operational and marketing programs.

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Forbes' Women We Admire is pleased to announce The Top 50 Women Leaders of Georgia for 2022.


Companies will be judged tomorrow on how they treat their workforce during the pandemic.

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Apps, geotargeting and customized content are the trends to ride. Also, keep your SEO conversational, and don’t forget to take a stand in today’s values-conscious landscape.

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Even though you’re out of the office for the holidays, you can keep your PR instincts sharp with a little light entertainment. Here are some TV shows and movies to tide PR pros over until the new year.

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Every organization has its own approach to posting on social media. For a few successful brands, however, there is one key to online engagement: Pick one platform. Here’s more.

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Dr. Tim Hunt’s comments about ‘girls’ in labs got him in trouble, and his attempt to apologize didn’t help his cause.

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In today’s fast-paced PR climate, clients want a strong presence on various channels. Before you jump to the next platform, you must hone your brand’s voice. Here’s how to stay consistent.

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An image the company shared via social media encouraged women to ‘look like a girl’ and ‘think like a man.’ It was not well received.


Millennials preferred tech, products and specific ways they prefer to engage with brands.


How to connect with Millennials through social issues.

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Young Adults Want Brands to Support Their Causes

Millennials choose and boycott products and services based on that brand's commitment to the causes they care about.

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As social media is increasingly important, it's changing the fundamentals of PR.

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