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Some people just talk about making great things happen. Jennifer Jones really makes those great things happen. She is part strategist, part relationship-builder, part motivator, part creative visionary and all energy in execution. She's a consummate professional and adds exceptional value to every initiative she touches.


I cannot recommend Jennifer highly enough as a passionate and insightful practitioner of social media. Beyond being a font of actionable ideas, she focuses on client's business needs versus just thinking about their "Twitter and Facebook strategies." She is also a rock star when it comes to business development, and brought in millions of dollars of revenue on her team when we worked in the same digital group. And people forget that bringing in business means you've demonstrated value and expertise, but most importantly, show that you'd be great to work with. I hope you have the benefit of working with Jennifer soon.


Jennifer's enthusiasm is infectious. She's one of the most creative minds in the business. While it's unusual for people to be equally adept at shaping social and mainstream media strategy, Jennifer is a master at connecting the dots between both disciplines offering her clients a total solution.

Jennifer has an infectious positive attitude that makes you believe anything is possible.
She's a force in brainstorming and always develops fun, engaging and effective programs. You'll enjoy every interaction with her!
Jennifer's verve is evident in all that she does. She is much more than a PR professional she has evolved into a marketer with a keen ability to fuse marketing and sound business strategy to deliver compelling results.
No minute goes unused in Jennifer's world and as quickly as marketing changes you can be sure that she's leading the way.
Jennifer Jones doesn't just understand digital. She lives and breathes it. Whether she's leading the digital aspect of a new business pitch or developing a strategy for a current client, she always brings together new ideas and concepts with tried and tested techniques. 
Jennifer has been a mentor for me because of her knowledge of everything digital and innate ability to recognize how a client can benefit best from its many facets.

Andrew Thompson

Jennifer is a proven leader in the public relations arena, with a unique passion and expertise in digital communications. She is an innovator, early-adopter, disruptor, and results-driven professional who embodies the Benjamin Franklin adage, “Well done is better than well said.” She sees opportunity in every issue and works tirelessly on behalf of her clients and coworkers in order to deliver the best product. Jennifer is an asset to any team and a vital counselor for any major corporation. We've been lucky to have her!

I proactively sought out opportunities to work with Jennifer, particularly for high-profile clients that needed her creativity and energy, as well as for account teams that needed the influence of her upbeat, can-do attitude. Jennifer has always taken a holistic approach to PR and marketing, getting to know the clients, understanding their overall goals, and doing whatever she can to ensure they're achieved, contributing both through her own work and by assisting her colleagues.
She always brings her A-level game and helps the rest of the team rise to her level. I highly recommend her work and would jump at an opportunity to work with her again.

Jennifer has constantly impressed me with her ability to not just stay informed of social media developments, but identify how to connect the continuously increasing number of cogs that make up the machine. I regularly visit her blog to take advantage of her insights that help keep me informed - reaping the benefits of her hard work and passion. I strongly recommend Jennifer for her knowledge, intelligence, creativity, and ability to commentate on what is important in social media.


Jennifer is easily the most creative person I have had the pleasure to work with throughout my career. Her passion for public relations, social media and integrated marketing is obvious, and her enthusiasm is contagious. Jen brings a unique energy and perspective to every brainstorm and every client meeting. Not only does she deliver boundless thinking, but she also encourages ideas "from the bottom up" and takes the time to listen to everyone in the room. Jen is truly an ignitor, and her spark will push your limits and bring your thinking to new heights.


"It's extremely apparent that Jennifer is a true expert when it comes to PR and social media. Filled with ideas, Jennifer closely tunes in to the media 24/7 and understands their needs. She has a way of getting everyone around her excited about ideas. It's easy to see her passion for the business and she is very accomplished in the field. Jennifer a strong and smart leader, she is extremely compassionate and trustworthy. Even working in the busy role of SVP, Jen is very aware of everyone on her team and keeps an open door policy. She lets everyone have a voice and even encourages "push back," or differences in opinions, in order to extract and utilize every ounce of creativity and potential in her team members. I very much enjoy working with Jennifer and highly recommend her.

Jennifer eats, sleeps and breathes social media and public relations. For each new challenge she taps into a seemingly endless reservoir of out-of-the-box creative ideas which she pursues with unbridled enthusiasm. In addition to her deep understanding of communications and her wealth of sleeves-rolled-up experience, she possesses an uncanny instinct for public perception and the mind of the consumer.
She has earned a well-deserved local and international reputation as an expert in cutting-edge public relations strategies. Whether working with multinational corporations or talented startups, Jennifer never fails to deliver world-class results.
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